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Meet our team and their Yuppy Puppies

 Our patient, caring, and talented groomers have been part of our family for quite some time. With genuine love for our own Yuppy Puppies, we extend that same care to every furry friend that walks through our doors. Our long-standing team members help create a stress-free and calming environment, where bonds with our regular pooch visitors flourish. At Yuppy Puppy, your pet’s well-being always comes first.

Meet our wonderful team and their beloved pooches.


Michelle and Biggie


Erica is one of our senior groomers who has been a part of the Yuppy Puppy team since 2017. She started working in the animal and grooming industry at age 16 for work experience and has not looked back. Since then, she has completed many grooming workshops and studied at National Dog Trainers Federation. But Erica's dedication to our furry friends extends far beyond the grooming table. It's a way of life for her. On any given weekend, you'll find her immersed in various dog sports and activities alongside her beloved companions, Danni and June. Their favourite pastime? Herding, of course!


I've been dedicated to the art of dog grooming for over a decade and have been with Yuppy Puppy for since 2019. With a wealth of experience under my belt, I approach each grooming session with patience and expertise, catering to the unique needs of every breed. What truly brings me joy in this profession is the transformation I bring to our furry friends, leaving them fluffy, clean, and undoubtedly happy. At home, I have my beloved companion, Momo, who's gracefully ageing, now 17yrs old, allowing me to understand first hand the special care and attention our elder dogs require. It's this personal connection that fuels my passion for providing top-notch grooming services tailored to every dog's individual needs.


Koda and Yuki


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More coming soon...

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