Professional Dog Grooming in Balwyn, North Melbourne

Welcome to Yuppy Puppy Day Spa, where every pooch is family. With over twenty years of dedicated service spanning three generations, we’ve been providing exceptional dog grooming services to Canterbury and its surrounding suburbs. ‌

At Yuppy Puppy, we believe in creating a stress-free environment where every dog feels comfortable and cherished. That’s why we’re selective about the pooches that become part of our Yuppy Puppy family. We want to ensure that each dog aligns with our culture of love and tranquility. Before joining our regular grooming schedule, each dog undergoes an assessment groom to guarantee a perfect fit.

Welcome to our warm and caring Yuppy Puppy family, where your dog’s happiness is our priority.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please click below, call us at the salon on 03 9888 4993 or email us below.

Been using Yuppy Puppy for 10+ years for our little Maltese Schitzu Minka. They always do an amazing high quality job and they’re really nice people. I constantly get comments about how great she looks after grooming. Highly recommended!!

Our signature Vitamin C infused bath – for purifying, detoxifying and softening the skin and coat, a gentle in bath loofah massage with a gentle Double Wash. A warm towel conditioning treatment and a fluff dry followed by rest or playtime, a toilet break and cuddle time.


Cute and Fluffy

Our most popular package creating that fluffy teddy bear look

Practical Pup

A short all over body and leg clip with a styled face

Breed Specific

Designed to uphold your dogs breed specific features

Puppy Pampering

For puppies up to 6 months old

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